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France Part 1: Toulouse & Carcassonne

France Part 1: Toulouse & Carcassonne

Awake at 3:35am in the apartment. I fold my still wet laundry and begin packing my backpack for my next flight. I’m leaving Karlsruhe and heading to Toulouse. My flight is at 5:55am and my host, Nora, has generously offered to drive me the 90km […]

A Portrait of America

In the last week of April, I’ll begin a cross-country road-trip through the United States. Leaving from Memphis, Tennessee, I’ll drive northeast to New England for the first leg and continue in a haphazard zig-zag from coast to coast to coast in a route that stretches over 12,000 miles […]

A Mountainous Effort

I met a young man named Kristian last Fall when I was walking the Camino through Spain. He was a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday, but from the few minutes, we talked it became clear he wasn’t your average teenager […]

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Sojourn Studio is a creative project to document and showcase my travels from around the world. This site is a curated collection of my writings and photography, a visual travelogue, which I hope will intrigue and inspire others to sojourn abroad in search of their own adventures.

My name is Chris Hayden.

My name is Chris Hayden.

I make music, I write, and I photograph my memories from a world of adventure. I’m a sojourner and I’m back on the road for the summer of 2017.

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