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France Part 3: Peyrusse-le-Roc

France Part 3: Peyrusse-le-Roc

Meeting Fabien was a good thing. From the first encounter, it was clear we had a few mutual interests. To start, we both went to university for Architecture and were both deterred in pursuing the practice for similar reasons […]

Another Beginning

I’m standing on the launch pad once again. Today is my last day stateside as I ready myself for another leap into an uncertain stretch of time abroad. I’ve spent the past seven months back home in Tennessee, working my paintbrush across the suburbs […]

The Inherent Masterpiece

Since calling it quits on my summer’s drive, it seems my thoughts and emotions from the journey have slowly layered one upon the other, revealing an image now comprehensive in both its beauty and depth. These ink blot memories, churning in my head for months, have now transformed from abstractions to the perfected masterpiece in a crescendo of harmonic clarity […]

Pine Ridge Reservation

In 2012, National Geographic published an article on the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation titled, “In the Shadow of Wounded Knee.” The article exposed me to unforgettable images of the Oglala Lakota people and how they live today. It was a positive article focusing on the strength and resilience of the Oglala community, but the abject poverty […]

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Sojourn Studio is a creative project to document and showcase my travels from around the world. This site is a curated collection of my writings and photography, a visual travelogue, which I hope will intrigue and inspire others to sojourn abroad in search of their own adventures.

My name is Chris Hayden.

My name is Chris Hayden.

I make music, I write, and I photograph my memories from a world of adventure. I’m a sojourner and I’m back on the road for the summer of 2017.

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