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I had previously known many of the people I stayed with throughout the last few weeks in Europe, however, all of these people were in a place I had never visited before. Italy was the one exception, in which I knew both place and people. Because of this, Impruneta became the destination I was most looking forward to while in Europe […]

España Part 2: Las Palmas

There usually comes a time within a long period of travel where I become unhappy. I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence with others, but I’ve traveled enough that I’ve come to expect it […]

España Part 1: Barcelona

On the 16th of June, I flew from Stuttgart to Hamburg to Toulouse for a noon arrival. I waited two hours until my friend Sumit arrived from London. The only plans I made were to arrive before him, in that I was successful. It’s now the 11th of July […]

France Part 3: Peyrusse-le-Roc

Meeting Fabien was a good thing. From the first encounter, it was clear we had a few mutual interests. To start, we both went to university for Architecture and were both deterred in pursuing the practice for similar reasons […]

France Part 2: Mas de Jammes

It was a sunny, Monday afternoon when my host, Fabien, picked me up from the train station in Villefranche de Rouergue. I didn’t know what to expect, but he was happy to see me upon my arrival. He’s a thin-framed man of average height […]

France Part 1: Toulouse & Carcassonne

Awake at 3:35am in the apartment. I fold my still wet laundry and begin packing my backpack for my next flight. I’m leaving Karlsruhe and heading to Toulouse. My flight is at 5:55am and my host, Nora, has generously offered to drive me the 90km […]


I left Wouter and the Netherlands on Tuesday, June 13th for Cologne, Germany. This wasn’t the initial plan until just a few days before. I’ve never been one for concrete travel arrangements. This may help give a picture of how loose my travel plans are […]


Day #11 – Rotterdam, Netherlands. I left Boston on a rainy Monday evening. It was a good send off from the few people I know in that city. Since it was a night flight to Oslo, the intention was to sleep, but rarely does that ever happen for me on a plane […]

Another Beginning

I’m standing on the launch pad once again. Today is my last day stateside as I ready myself for another leap into an uncertain stretch of time abroad. I’ve spent the past seven months back home in Tennessee, working my paintbrush across the suburbs […]

The Inherent Masterpiece

Since calling it quits on my summer’s drive, it seems my thoughts and emotions from the journey have slowly layered one upon the other, revealing an image now comprehensive in both its beauty and depth. These ink blot memories, churning in my head for months, have now transformed from abstractions to the perfected masterpiece in a crescendo of harmonic clarity […]

Pine Ridge Reservation

In 2012, National Geographic published an article on the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation titled, “In the Shadow of Wounded Knee.” The article exposed me to unforgettable images of the Oglala Lakota people and how they live today. It was a positive article focusing on the strength and resilience of the Oglala community, but the abject poverty […]

From This Side of the Lens

Seventeen states down, thirty-three to go. I’ve clocked over five thousand miles on the highway and too many hours to count. Throughout my month on the road, I’ve tried my best to play the Instagram game and dish out regular posts. I like to think I’ve gotten better at stripping away the romanticized filter that accompanies the words and images I share […]

Onward to the Midwest

I’ve departed New England with a greater appreciation for the Southern spring than I’ve had ever. The nights were cold and wet while camping in a few of the National Parks and Forests in the area, but we did catch a couple of beautiful sunsets where the clouds parted just before the dark ended the day […]

The 50/50 Project

I made it to Boston after a four-day drive and a smooth 1,300 miles. My goal was to sit down and have a chat with at least one person from every state, take their portrait, and move on to the next. It quickly became evident this wasn’t exactly realistic with the timeline I had set for myself. In one day I drove through five states from D.C. to Connecticut […]

A Portrait of America

In the last week of April, I’ll begin a cross-country road-trip through the United States. Leaving from Memphis, Tennessee, I’ll drive northeast to New England for the first leg and continue in a haphazard zig-zag from coast to coast to coast in a route that stretches over 12,000 miles […]

A Mountainous Effort

I met a young man named Kristian last Fall when I was walking the Camino through Spain. He was a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday, but from the few minutes, we talked it became clear he wasn’t your average teenager […]

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