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I had previously known many of the people I stayed with throughout the last few weeks in Europe, however, all of these people were in a place I had never visited before. Italy was the one exception, in which I knew both place and people. Because of this, Impruneta became the destination I was most looking forward to while in Europe […]

España Part 2: Las Palmas

There usually comes a time within a long period of travel where I become unhappy. I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence with others, but I’ve traveled enough that I’ve come to expect it […]

España Part 1: Barcelona

On the 16th of June, I flew from Stuttgart to Hamburg to Toulouse for a noon arrival. I waited two hours until my friend Sumit arrived from London. The only plans I made were to arrive before him, in that I was successful. It’s now the 11th of July […]

France Part 3: Peyrusse-le-Roc

Meeting Fabien was a good thing. From the first encounter, it was clear we had a few mutual interests. To start, we both went to university for Architecture and were both deterred in pursuing the practice for similar reasons […]

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Sojourn Studio is a creative project to document and showcase my travels from around the world. This site is a curated collection of my writings and photography, a visual travelogue, which I hope will intrigue and inspire others to sojourn abroad in search of their own adventures.

My name is Chris Hayden.

My name is Chris Hayden.

I make music, I write, and I photograph my memories from a world of adventure. I’m a sojourner and I’m back on the road for the summer of 2017.

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